What Makes It Stand Above the Competition

Advanced Access Management

Control the access to separate software packages and make different users have permissions to different extensions and applications

Benefits for Customers

Allow your customers to download, install, and update their products conveniently taking advantage of all the benefits provided by the composer

No Extra Fees

Save money and use Private Composer on your own with no access restrictions or extra charges for additional users or other use limitations

Facilitated Integrations

Take advantage of the provided REST API and easily integrate the composer into your ecommerce or development environment

Immediate Updates

Allow customers to take advantage of new products, product updates, security patches, etc. immediately as soon as you push the new code

Entire PHP Domain

Regardless of your activity field, use Private Composer for distributing any PHP-based products, including Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Access Permissions

Private Composer is an indispensable solution in the case you are going to sell products from your own private repository. The solution makes it possible to restrict and control access to particular products for individual customers or companies.

You can endow or revoke any permissions easily. Also, you can either extend the number of provided products for particular users or cancel the access to particular repository areas.

Private Composer API

In case you want to integrate composer with your ecommerce or inventory management software, you can do it easily using the provided REST API interface. Such integrations will help you to conveniently evaluate your sales performance, distinguish most popular software products, and their bestselling versions.

Using Private Composer your customers are able to install, update, or patch their PHP-based products easily. The new code becomes available for them immediately as soon as you push any eligible renewals.